Why we support The Christian Chronicle —Clyde and Gwen Antwine
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Bailey McBride Staff Reports | The Christian Chronicle
Gwen Antwine is no stranger to The Christian Chronicle’s behind-the-scenes operations. She worked as the newspaper’s office manager for 12 and a half years. She grew up in Clyde, Texas, and married a man named Clyde, who was also reared in the Lone Star State.

Clyde and Gwen AntwineThe pair attended Abilene Christian College, now a university, before moving to Zurich, Switzerland, 58 years ago to serve as missionaries. They also lived in the German cities of Augsburg and Munich.

Clyde Antwine, 81, is a missionary-in-residence at Oklahoma Christian University in Oklahoma City. For 26 years he served as director of Helpers in Missions, or HIM, a missionary apprentice program of the Memorial Road Church of Christ in Oklahoma City.

He recently transitioned into a new role as adviser and mentor for HIM workers. He also serves as a deacon for the Memorial Road church.
When did you first learn about the Chronicle?
Clyde: To my knowledge, our first connection goes back to 1959, when our move to Europe was highlighted in the Chronicle.
Why do you support the paper?
Clyde: Because we believe in the mission of The Christian Chronicle in reporting good news of the kingdom worldwide, we have pledged our financial support for the last 27 years. We know from experience that missionaries on the field are greatly encouraged by what they read in the Chronicle.
Tell us about the work you’re doing now.
Gwen: We continue to return to German-speaking Europe twice each year to teach, preach and encourage the churches. We want to be used as long as we are able to travel back and forth.

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