Voices-only: Watch out for that BABY SHARK!
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Bailey McBride Chellie Ison | The Christian Chronicle
Welcome to Voices-only.

This weekly online feature highlights the best a cappella videos that come across our eyes — and ears — on the web.

With so many people enjoying Spring Break this month we thought it would be fun to warn you about SHARKS before you head to the beach.

OK, that wasn't funny. Sorry.

Seriously, The Australian Voices group knows how to have a little fun and show us in this video titled "Baby Shark." (It's one of Erik Tryggestad's favorites.)

However, this group is more than silly. They recently posted this short clip on their Facebook page. You can hear just how beautifully their voices blend. 

Do you have a video you would like us to consider for an upcoming Voices-only post? We would love to see it.

Post your a cappella recordings to YouTube and send us the links. Or recommend your favorite videos in the comments section.

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