Minister's daughter needs votes to become 'Extreme Huntress' (Updated)
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Erik Tryggestad | The Christian Chronicle
Update: Voting is now open through or through the contest's Facebook page.

Mindy Arthurs of Peoria, Ariz., is one of four finalists in the fifth annual Extreme Huntress competition.

Her father, John Maples, is the minister for the Northgate Church of Christ in Phoenix. Maples grew up in South Africa, where his parents served as missionaries.

Your West Valley News, Peoria, reports:

Mindy Arthurs in her home, where trophies from her and her family adorn the walls. (PHOTO BY NICK COTE, VIA WWW.YOURWESTVALLEY.COM)On the first day of her first hunt, she shot and killed a record black bear with her very first shot. “We had practiced quite a bit at the Ben Avery Range (north of Phoenix), and I felt comfortable with my 7-mag rifle that I used,” Arthurs said. “I just had a feeling I was going to get a bear on that trip.”
The bear pelt now hangs on the wall in the Arthurs’ home amidst 17 other trophies and mounts, including deer, bison and mountain lions.
“I think that first hunt really lit the fire in Mindy as far as her enthusiasm for the sport,” said John Maples, Mindy’s father and the minister of Northgate Church of Christ in Phoenix.
Arthurs became an extreme huntress on that day in 2008. Now, she’d like the official title to go along with her passion.

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