Thai Christian dies five days after baptism
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staff reports | The Christian Chronicle
NAKHON RATCHASIMA, Thailand — A baptism, followed by a tragic accident, gave church members in this southeastern Asian nation a vivid illustration of God’s providence, missionary Kim Voraritskul said.
A friend recently invited a Thai man named King to worship with the church in the central Thailand city of Nakhon Ratchasima, commonly called Korat.Prayoon Soenboon, the church’s minister, studied with King and baptized him the same day. One church member questioned the minister for not waiting until King had attended more church services to baptize him, Voraritskul said.
Five days after his baptism, King was knocked from his bicycle in a hit-and-run accident. King, 40, died in the hospital a few hours later.
“King had such a short Christian life on earth,” Voraritskul said, “but is now forever with our heavenly father.”
Voraritskul and his wife, Rebecca, live in Khon Kaen, Thailand, and work with churches across the region.
The couple helped coordinate a recent family camp about 35 miles from Khon Kaen. About 300 members, representing 30 churches, attended. Six baptisms resulted.
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    How many worship services had the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts 8 or the Philipian jailer in Acts 16 attended when they were baptized. Most of the converts that we read about in the book of Acts had heard just one gospel sermon when they were baptized. I know some will say these people were students of God\'s word and knew what they were doing. Who is to say that King didn\'t know what he was doing as well. The preacher, Kim Voraritskul, studied with him. I congratulate both for doing the right thing. It is dangerous to delay obedience to God.
    Billy R Harper
    February, 17 2009