Inmate’s story shows ‘courage that came from Christ’
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Bobby Ross Jr. | Christian Chronicle
Kevin Watson, a member of the Southtown Church of Christ in Chicago, encouraged The Christian Chronicle to share Lucinda Wilson’s story.

Watson said he and Wilson began exchanging letters in 2005 at one of the lowest points of his life. His mother had died two months earlier, he explained.Related: A baptism, then a murder confession
A fellow Christian named Krystal Jackson gave Watson a copy of a 2003 Christian Woman Magazine article, titled “No Greater Faith,” that the inmate wrote about her experience.

The Illinois church member said he identified with Wilson because he, too, spent time in prison. He did not commit the crime for which he was convicted, he said. But he believes God used prison as a means for him to hear the Gospel and be baptized.

“This is a young woman who, like so many of us, made a mistake,” Watson said. “But she had a strength and a courage that came from Christ … and even after being freed from a charge that was brought against her, she went back and turned herself in.”
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