Calendar - June 2001
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Calendar entries for June, early July
1Biblical Leadership for the 21st Century, Module 6: “Preaching, Worship & Culture.” Institute for Effective Church Leadership, Goodlettsville, Tenn. Contact or call (877) 851-2776.
1-3 Craig Lectureship, ninth annual. Theme: “The Holy Spirit” (continued). Site: Moffat County School District of Education Offices and Community Center, Craig, Colo. Contact Melvin Elliott, Director, at (307) 672-2325. 1-3 Jim Wood Church Leadership Seminar. Theme: “They Smell Like Sheep,” with Lynn Anderson. Call (800) 521-6010. 1-10 Philippine Dental Mission. Contact pcc98@ or call (817) 361-8848.
3 Day of Prayer and Fasting. Manna International, Redwood City, Calif. Go to or call (650) 365-3663.
4-6 Ministry with Older Adults Workshop. Sponsor: Pruitt Gerontology Center, Abilene Christian University, Abilene, Texas. Contact marylou. or call (915) 674-2350.
4-8 Blue Ridge Family Encampment — for all ages. Contact Fishinger Road church, Columbus, Ohio, at or call (614) 451-4886.
8-10 Worship, Technology Conference. Web. Theme: “To the Praise of His Glory. ”Sponsor: Heart-light Internet Ministries, Westover Hills church, Austin, Texas. Contact Phil Ware at www.heartlight. org/conference2001 or call (512) 345-6386.
9 Hispanic program: “Mas Allá del Sol” (study of James), 9th & Columbia church, Plainview, Texas. Call (915) 674-2821.
10-13 2001 Willard Collins Summer Lectures. Theme: “The Battle Belongs to the Lord.” Lipscomb University. Contact Amy Hamar at Amy.Hamar@ or call (615) 279-6216.
10-16 YouthWAVE (Youth with a Vision for Evangelism). High School Students. Concordia University, Austin. Go to or call (903) 509-8905.
14-16 2001 Strategic Planning Seminar. CBTI Training Center, Franklin, Tenn. Comprehensive training in mission, vision, core values, goals and objectives, and developing a planning ministry in your church. Go to or call (615) 835-7571.
15-17 Bremen Lectures, annual. Theme, “2 Peter.” Bremen church, Bremen, GA 30110. Call James E. Rogers at (770) 537-3013.
18-22 Summer Scholar Series, 15th annual. Theme: “Aging and Health.” Contact ACU’s Pruett Gerontology Center at marylou.mckissick@ gero. or call (915) 674-2350.
20-22 National Prison Ministry Workshop, 28th annual. Theme: “Breaking Down Walls — Building Bridges.” Gray Road church, Cincinnati, OH 45232. Contact Roy Johnson at
23-27 Red River Family Encampment, 15th annual. Theme: “I Want to Know Christ.” Red River, N.M. Write Red River Family Encampment, P.O. Box 8997, Amarillo, TX 79114-8997, e-mail or call (806) 468-7676.
25-29Programs and Services for the Elderly, an in-depth study of rehabilitation concepts and practices. Contact Pruett Gerontology Center at or call (915) 674-2350.
28-July 1 Second Mt. Lassen/Lake Alamanor Encampment, Chester, Calif. Theme: “Why We Believe.” Contact Jim Benner at or call (530) 259-25721.
5-7 Church Leader’s Conference. Theme: “Equipping Church.” Park Gardens church, San Juan, P.R. Go to or call (615) 835-7571.