About the Christian Chronicle
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The Christian Chronicle® is published monthly by Oklahoma Christian University at P.O. Box 11000, Oklahoma City, OK 73136-1100. Founded in 1943, The Christian Chronicle is a newspaper committed to the highest standards of journalistic excellence and seeks to inform, inspire, and unite churches of Christ worldwide. Distributed monthly to homes for a $20 enrollment fee, The Christian Chronicle is available online at www.christianchronicle.org. The name The Christian Chronicle and the globe nameplate are trademarked symbols.

How to reach us:

Delivery: 2501 E. Memorial Road, Edmond, OK 73013.

Change of Address: Email Tonda Stafford at tonda.stafford@oc.edu Be sure to include your old address, new address, and subscriber number. (Which you will find directly above your name between '#' symbols on your Christian Chronicle mailing label.

Phone: (405) 425-5070 • Fax: (405) 425-5076

Publisher: Oklahoma Christian University

Editor: Bailey B. McBride • bailey.mcbride@oc.edu

General Manager: Lynn McMillon • lynn.mcmillon@oc.edu

Managing Editor: R. Scott LaMascus • scott.lamascus@oc.edu

Assistant Managing Editor: Lindy Scobey Adams
National and campus news • lindy.adams@oc.edu

Staff Writer: Erik Tryggestad
International news and features • erik.tryggestad@oc.edu

Director of Advertising, Graphic Designer: Jerry Lamb • jerry.lamb@oc.edu

Research Assistant: Joy McMillon
Calendar and Milestones • joy.mcmillon@oc.edu

Webmaster: Dan Lovejoy • dan.lovejoy@oc.edu

Administrative Assistant: Tonda Stafford
Enrollment and other questions • tonda.stafford@oc.edu

Administrative Assistant: Virginia Ware • virginia.ware@oc.edu

Production Assistant: Cynthia Fletcher • cynthia.fletcher@oc.edu