A site of human sacrifice redeemed
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Erik Tryggestad | Christian Chornicle
On land once used for human sacrifices, Nigerians learn about a human sacrifice that happened more than 2,000 years ago.

Aniefiok Akpan
“My great-grandfather was a traditional ruler, a native doctor, a juju priest,” explained Aniefiok Akpan, minister for the Campus Church of Christ in the Nigerian village of Uruk Otong. The priest was in charge of “the most dreaded juju shrine of his time, where animal and human sacrifices were offered to pagan gods.”

Three generations later — on that same land where blood was spilled — children learn about Jesus’ sacrifice, and Christians sing praises to God. In addition to the Campus church, the property includes a K-12 Christian school, Rhema Christian Academy, and a preacher-training program, World English Institute and School of Ministry. The school hosts its first annual workshop for elders and ministers in December.

Soon, a new church building “will be erected on the exact spot where the sacred tree of the native shrine once stood,” Akpan said.

World English Institute, or WEI, helps students improve their English through Bible-based studies. The ministry’s founder, Dick Ady, praised Akpan and his fellow Christians for “training preachers and WEI evangelists who will spread the good news about Christ throughout Nigeria and beyond.”

The Campus Church of Christ worships on Sunday. (PHOTO PROVIDED)